Halloween Fun at Holy Name of Mary Church

What’s New in Old Algiers, October 28th
Halloween Fun Planned for October, 31st

It seems that Halloween has begun to rival Mardi Gras and Christmas for the all-out outdoor decoration award in the Old Algiers community. Some are scary, and others are scary-funny, but they all make the point that exterior decorating for any holiday has become more creative in recent years.As in years past, there will be lots of little ones out and about in costumes designed to showcase their ambitions (astronaut or doctor), their superheroes (Wonder Woman or Black Panther), or their favorite animated character (Shrek or Minnie Mouse), and everything else under the sun (moon?).  In any case, the costumes show off their own – and their parents’ – imaginations.There are always hundreds of trick-or-treaters in Old Algiers. Most residents sit on porches or stoops these days instead of waiting for the doorbell to ring, which is safer for kids and easier for adults.

Speaking of safety, Holy Name of Mary Church is inviting area residents who believe there is safety – and fun – in numbers to join them in a trick-or-treat candy giveaway on Halloween night. The group will gather between 5:30 and 6 p.m. at the rectory at the corner of Olivier and Eliza Streets and pass out treats. Refreshments will be available. Anyone – not just church members – who want to join. Anyone who wants to join should bring a chair and a bag of candy to hand out. For more information, contact Fr. Gene Jacques at 362-5511 or 504-812-8151.

It’s always fun to see the children and their anticipation for yet another piece of candy. It’s not as much fun for the parents who have to ration the “booty” afterward or suffer through sugar-high kids at bedtime!

Enjoy a safe and fun Halloween!