Neighborhood and Organization

The “Walnut Bend” neighborhood is within the Fifth District of the City of New Orleans, Parish of Orleans, State of Louisiana, in Section “A”, Holiday Park Subdivision, bounded by the north side of MacArthur Boulevard, Holiday Drive, south side of General Meyer Avenue, and the easterly boundary of properties adjacent to Kabel Drive properties.

The purpose of the Walnut Bend Civic Association (WBCA) is to:

  • To promote, foster, and develop civic awareness and responsibility among Walnut Bend
    residents and property owners;
  • To promote and foster compliance with all laws, statutes, ordinances, and/or regulations affecting Walnut Bend;
  • To propose and promote new laws, statutes, ordinances, and/or regulation which would benefit Walnut Bend and its residents;
  • To propose and promote changes in current laws, statutes, ordinances, and/or regulations that affect adversely Walnut Bend property or its residents;
  • To promote and encourage the highest standards of residential development, maintenance, and repair, and to discourage any noxious activity or nuisance within said area;
  • To serve as a vehicle whereby Walnut Bend residents can initiate action and/or channel and disseminate information for the benefit, welfare, and safety of Walnut Bend residents and property owners; and
  • To do all other things necessary and proper to achieve such ends.

To View Walnut Bend Covenants  click here. (Covenants are currently under review.)

 The WBCA works in collaboration with other organizations to for the benefit of Algiers
and the city as a whole, which is turn benefits Walnut Bend.

WBCA is a member of the Algiers Neighborhood Presidents Council (ANPC) and the Neighborhood Partnership Network (NPN). Both organizations use their collective strength to address common issues and concerns. WBCA members attend the Algiers Police Advisory Committee (APAC) monthly meetings and we sponsor refreshments and other items for NOPD 4th District during Mardi Gras and other events.

Other collaborations include the Algiers Economic Development Foundation (AEDF),  the  Algiers Charter Schools Association (ACSA), the Algiers Development District (ADD), the Sheriff’s Office,  and many more.