July 21, 2011 School Facilities Master Plan Review

The School Facilities Master Plan Biennial Review is being held in the month of July. We are encouraging you to attend the meeting in your school district and share your thoughts on the proposed amendments to the SFMP plan. Please find information containing the meeting date and a listing of schools that will be discussed at your corresponding district meeting.

School Board District 4 Thursday, July 21, 2011, 6 PM – 8 PM

Behrman Center, 2529 General Meyer Avenue

Schools: Behrman, Citywide Acres/Audubon Inst./Lab Site, Citywide International B.S., Eisenhower, Fink Site, Fischer, Habans, Harte, Henderson, Andrew Jackson, Karr, Landry, McDonogh 15, McDonogh 32, New Algiers Pre-K-8, Rabouin, Rosenwald, Schwartz Alternative School, Tubman (Site TBD), Walker.

All meeting dates, with corresponding schools are online at rebuildingnolaschools.com.