Fix My Street Form

To report a street in need of repair, complete the Fix My Street Form. Click on the link below to print and fill in the form. Email the form to

 WBCA Fix My Street form

If you have pictures of the street please include those with the form. We will collect the forms and build a consolidated report to submit to 311, the City’s Public Works Department and Councilmember Nadine Ramsey’s office.

It seems to be more effective when a neighborhood focuses its efforts on one street at a time. While we are completely aware that there are many streets in need of repair within Walnut Bend we need to start our efforts somewhere. The WBCA Board of Directors will review the forms submitted and select one street that will be our focus as we discuss the issue of street repairs with the city and our elected officials. The Board will select the street that we’ll focus on based on:
1) Number of PAID Walnut Bend Civic Association members residing on that street
2) Number of forms submitted on the same street
3) Safety/Poorest condition of street.