Entergy Update – as of September 2; 1:00 PM

Into day 4 of our restoration efforts, we have restored power to over 60% of our customers who lost power. More than 97,000 customers have had service restored since the peak of outages. The table below was developed to show where our crews are working today. Some feeders provide power to multiple districts.

Council District Neighborhood
A Audobon-University/Black Pearl/East Carrollton/Leonidas-West carrollton
A Audubon University/East Carrollton
A Audubon university/West Riverside
A Audubon-Univeristy/Black Pearl
A Audubon-University
A Audubon-University
A Audubon-University/East Carrollton/Hollygrove/Leonidas-West Carrollton/Marlyville Fountainbleau
A Bayou St. John/City Park/Mid-City/Parkview
A Black Pearl/East Carrollton/Leonidas-West Carrollton
A City Park/Lake Vista/Lakeview
A City Park/Lakeview
A City Park/Lakeview/Mid-City
A Country Club Gardens/Country Club-Dixon A/Hollygrove/Mid-City
A Country Club Gardens/Lakeview
A East Carrollton/Gerttown-Zion City/Hollygrove/Leonidas-West Carrollton/Marlyville-Fountainbleau
A Hollygrove
A Lake Vista/Lakeshore/Lakeview
A Lakeshore
A Lakeshore/Lakeview
A Lakeview
A Lakeview
A Lakeview
A Lakeview
A Lakeview/Lakewood
A Lakeview/Lakewood
A Lakewood
A West Riverside
A-B Audubon-University/Caliope Project/Central City-Magnolia/Freret/Uptown
A-B Audubon-University/Freret/Uptown
A-B Audubon-University/Uptown
A-B Audubon-University/Uptown/West Riverside
A-B Bayou St. John/Mid-City/Tulane-Gravier
A-B Broadmoor/Central City-Magnolia/Gerttown-Zion City/Hollygrove/Marlyville-Fountainbleau
A-B Broadmoor/Marlyville-Fountainbleau
A-B Country Club-Dixon A/Gerttown-Zion City/Hollygrove/Mid-City
A-B Mid-City
A-B-C 6th Ward-Treme-Lafitte/CBD/Iberville Project/Tulane-Gravier/Vieux Carre
A-B-C-D 6th Ward-Treme-Lafitte/Bayou St. John/Dillard/Fairgrounds-Broad/Mid-City
A-B-E Audubon-University/Freret/Uptown/Read Blvd. East/West Riverside
A-C 6th Ward-Treme-Lafitte/7th Ward/Marigny
A-C-D 7th Ward/Fairgrounds-Broad/St. Roch
A-C-D Bayou St. John/City Park/Fairgrounds-Broad/St. Roch
A-D City Park/Dillard/Fairgrounds-Broad/Fillmore/Pontchartrain Park/St. Bernard Area-Project/St. Roch
A-D Fillmore/Lake Terrace-Lake Oaks
B Broadmoor/Calipoe Project/Central City-Magnolia/Gerttown-Zion City/Tulane-Gravier/Uptown
B Broadmoor/Freret/Milan/Uptown
B CBD/ Central City-Magnolia/Milan
B CBD/Central Cit-Magnolia/Lower Garden/St. Thomas Area/St. Thomas Project
B CBD/East Riverside/Garden District/Irish Channel/Touro
B CBD/Tulane-Gravier
B Central City- Magnolia/Garden District/Irish Channel
B Central City- Magnolia/Garden District/Irish Channel/Milan/St. Thomas Area- Lower Garden/St. Thomas Project/Touro
B Central City-Magnolia
B Central City-Magnolia//Lower Garden/St. Thomas Area/St. Thomas Project
B Central City-Magnolia/Milan/Uptown
B East Riverside/Irish Channel/West Riverside
B East Riverside/Milan/Touro/Uptown
B Hollygrove
B Hollygrove
B Mid-City/Tulane-Gravier
B St. Thomas Area-Lower Garden District/St. Thomas Project
B Tulane-Gravier
B Uptown/West Riverside
C 7th Ward/Marigny
C Algiers Naval Station/Algiers Whitney/Aurora-Walnut/Behrman
C Algiers Point/Algiers Whitney/Behrman/Tall Timbers-Brechtel
C-D Bywater/Florida Area/St.Claude
C-D Bywater/St. Claude
C-D Gentilly Terrace/St. Claude/St. Roch
D Desire Area/Desire Project
D Desire Area/Gentilly Terrace
D Dillard/Fillmore/Gentilly Terrace/St. Anthony
D Edgelake-Little Woods/Pines Village
D Filmore/Lake Terrace-Lake Oaks/St. Anthony
D Lake Terrace/Lake Oaks
D Lake Terrace-Lake Oaks/Milneburg
D Gentilly Terrace/Gentilly Woods
D Gentilly Terrace/Gentilly Woods
D-E Bywater/Florida Area/St.Claude
D-E Desire Area/Dillard/Florida Area/Gentilly Terrace/St. Roch
E 7th Ward/Dillard/St. Roch
E Holy Cross/Lower 9th Ward
E Holy Cross/Lower 9th Ward
E Plum Orchard/Read Blvd. East/Read Blvd. West A
E Read Blv. East/Viavant-Venetial Isles/Village de L Est
E Read Blvd. East
E Read Blvd. East/Read Blvd. West A/Read Blvd. West B
E Viavant-Vential Isles/Village de L Est

We still estimate to have 70% of customers restored tomorrow and 90% Wednesday. As we get more feeders completed today and tomorrow, we will work on the lateral lines which feed the streets and individual customers that are still out. These are the most time consuming so the rate of progress will decrease. However, we will continue to work diligently and safely until all power has been restored.


Gary Huntley

Entergy New Orleans, Inc.

Vice President Regulatory and Governmental Affairs