Mayor Cantrell Declares a State of Emergency Due to Extreme Weather

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July 10, 2019

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NEW ORLEANS – Mayor LaToya Cantrell today issued a proclamation declaring a state of emergency due to Tropical Invest 92L.

Read the proclamation by clicking on this link.

“Because of intense thunderstorms, and the further potential for tropical or hurricane force winds and further thunderstorms, New Orleans may experience more widespread localized severe flooding and gale force winds that could result in the endangerment and threat of life, injury and possible property damage,” Mayor Cantrell said. “I am declaring a state of emergency in the City of New Orleans, warranting the use of all extraordinary measures appropriate to ensure the public health, safety, welfare, and convenience.”

The National Weather Service has indicated that Tropical Storm/Hurricane Barry will form in the Gulf of Mexico as a result of Tropical Invest 92L, and will likely produce heavy rainfall, flash flooding, coastal and river flooding, strong winds and the possibility of tornadoes, expected to arrive Thursday, July 11.

Watch Mayor Cantrell’s Wednesday afternoon press conference by clicking on this link.

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Transit Network Redesign- the RTA and JeT’s future

See below for a list of when/where for the meetings. if you can’t make this series of meetings, you can also fill out an online survey at

New Links Central City/Uptown 

Tuesday, July 02, 2019 at 06:00 PM

New Links Mid-City

Monday, July 08, 2019 at 06:30 PM

New Links Algiers

Tuesday, July 09, 2019 at 06:00 PM

New Links District C Treme/7th Ward/French Quarter/Marigny

Thursday, July 11, 2019 at 06:00 PM

New Links Kenner

Monday, July 15, 2019 at 06:00 PM

New Links Gentilly

Tuesday, July 16, 2019 at 06:00 PM

New Links West Bank Jefferson Parish

Monday, July 22, 2019 at 06:00 PM

New Links NO East

Tuesday, July 23, 2019 at 06:00 PM

New Links Lower Ninth Ward

Thursday, July 25, 2019 at 06:00 PM


The New Links process (formally called the Comprehensive Operations Analysis) could recommend changes in where bus lines go in order to more reliably get people to jobs, school, the doctor’s office, and many other places. It might ask riders to consider tradeoffs like walking two blocks further or making an extra transfer in order to reduce overall travel time. It could even recommend real regional transit routes with convenient connections across parish lines.
New Links will unfold in three phases.

  • A first phase through the end of July introducing the project and gathering community input
  • A second phase this fall asking the community to weigh in on more specific transit network scenarios
  • A third phase in 2020 where a final proposal is released and the RTA and Jefferson Transit determine whether to adopt it.

The July meetings are the final part of the first phase. During these meetings, New Links planners will explain the New Links process, engage riders in discussion about their most important destinations, and ask riders for their input on tradeoffs like walking two blocks further or making an extra transfer in order to reduce overall travel time and increase the number of frequent buses.